Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just in time for valentines day!!!

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Benda Family | New Years Eve Session

My fiance and his sweet sweet family. After 2 very long hard years, everything is starting to look up again. Its so nice having his sisters back around, and seeing momma with a smile on her face. Such a great, loving family.. but then again i'm kinda partial towards them :)
We went out on New Years eve before the big family strudel party.. and got some great pictures!
i just love them all soo much!
" 'cause when your in you're darkest hour And all of the light just fades away When you're like a single flower whose colours have turned to shades of gray Well hang on and be strong Where taking each step one day at a time You can't loose your spirit Let live and let live forget and forgive It's all how you see it And just remember keep it together Don't you know you're never alone" - Delta Goodrem
they make my heart smile :D
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Email

I have a new email address for everyone to contact me at to book sessions, and to receive more information on sessions
Thank you!

Rest In Peace | Josh Friedman

February 11, 1981 - January 5, 2009
A few weeks back, I did a family session for a great family, i got news monday morning that the Brother Josh, who has been battling sickness for years passed away. He will be missed. The memories of him will last a lifetime, thats why there is pictures.
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