Tuesday, April 28, 2009


to torrid.
its an in-store event for torrid and they asked me if i would come take pictures of girls entering the model search and of customers, there also partnering with sephora doing make-up so i get to promote my work and gain lots of customers for simply you!
I will be having a drawing for a free photo session (thats $150.00 for freeeeee)
And i will also be passing out coupons for 15% off a session fee!
I will have a table set up inside torrid with my photography stuff!
BE there, or dont.. but if you were cool you would be there!

Kayla | Senior 2009

We meet monday afternoon to get some senior pictures of this beautiful girl.. I knew who she was, but had never met her. She was in FFA too.. FFA rocks... anyways back to beautiful senior girl. I was sooo excited to shoot another senior, I love seniors! Kayla enjoy your pictures, beacuse I know I am :) Here is a littttle sneak peak for you!
Kayla wants to be a pediatriction.. cool huh!

IMG_0030 copy
I have sooooo many favorites!
IMG_0301 copy
they are going to have a hard time picking which ones to send out!
IMG_0319 copy
this one i think is my allllll time fav. it looks great in black and white too!
IMG_0415 copy
can you believe this girl never had braces, caaa-raaazy!
IMG_0160 copy
thanks again kayla and mom, you guys rock! Kayla good luck with graduation and your future plans!
withovekelsea copy

Friday, April 24, 2009

Chelsea Mansfield | Senior 2009

Meet Chelsea, she is SUCH a sweetheart! She is graduating at the end of may and was in need of some senior pictures, FAST! SO we pulled it together and got them done, she is such a sweet soul and so beautiful! Congrats Chelsea!
We walked around Florence, which suprisingly had lots of wonderful walls and textures!
IMG_0699 copy
Her shoes were way cute!
IMG_0691 copy
I want blue eyes so bad, almost all my seniors had these gorgeous blue eyes!
IMG_0761 copy
This red wall was AH-MA-ZING!
IMG_0828 vintage
One of my favorites!
IMG_0904 copy
withovekelsea copy

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ashley | Sister love

This is my sister love again! She will be making lots of apperences. Mostly because she is a great model. I love her! Who wouldn't?

IMG_0158 copy 2
she worked it! And look at them sexy legs!
IMG_0088 copy
loooove all of them!
IMG_0171 copy
If i get lucky, maybe my babygirl will look like her.. cross your fingers!
IMG_0217 copy
I love her lips!
IMG_0386 copy

Amanda Collentro | Part 2

It was time for cap and gown pictures & some in her softball uniform!
graduation is just around the corner for these seniors! Congrats to them!!
Amanda enjoy :)

IMG_0423 copy 2
so pretty!
IMG_0489 copy 2
Gilbert Tigers Softball
IMG_0565 copy
IMG_0611 copy 2
I love this one!!
IMG_0591 copy
Thank You for looking!
withovekelsea copy

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The 'A' Family | Mesa Arizona Temple

This family rocks, I love them dearly. We had set a date for pictures about 3 weeks ago, and as we were driving to the temple it hit me that the Easter pageant was going on~! I was afraid it was going to be very busy, but it wasn't that bad :) I love all these pictures, because it shows every persons personality.. and not to mention... this family is one good looking bunch! I am kinda biased though. Dad was a trooper, and he kept everyone laughing. I hope you love your pictures as much as me mama a.
IMG_2389 copy
Seriously, I love this one.
IMG_1359 copy
oh yeah, and this one too. Beautiful family huh!
IMG_1145 copy
So precious! little g.
IMG_1248 vintage
little s.
IMG_1044 copy 2
little a.
IMG_0992 copy
little t.
IMG_1019 copy
they love there little sister so much! so do I!
IMG_1069 copy 2
thank you!
withovekelsea copy

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kaile Broderson | Senior 09

This is kaile, yet again one of my ffa girls. I adore her. We have been planning on pictures for ever, and finally we got them done, so glad we did! She is such a beautiful girl! We went to her boyfriends hay fields (he is a hay farmer) and WOW! we had alot of fun, I got some great images! Kaile thanks again, your beautiful and I wish you all the happiness!
Enjoy my dear!
IMG_0316 brown tone
look at those eyes!
IMG_0512 urban
Again, I am a sucker for ariat baby fat boots.. :D
IMG_0559 copy
I have so many favorites, and I am not even close to done editing them!
IMG_2173 copy 2
same shot, different angle.
IMG_2177 urban
Very cool huh!
IMG_0605 copy
She was a natural! A photographers dream!
IMG_0344 urban
Thanks again!
IMG_0781 copy
I absolutly love shooting seniors!
withovekelsea copy

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Little Miss Peyton

This is little miss peyton, I watch her during he week and I just love her! Her 1st birthday was a couple days ago and so was her older brothers birthday. How cool is that? They are the sweetest little kids, and there parents are so cool too! I'm so grateful for my ability to capture pictures.
Could she be any cuter?


withovekelsea copy