Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kaile Broderson | Senior 09

This is kaile, yet again one of my ffa girls. I adore her. We have been planning on pictures for ever, and finally we got them done, so glad we did! She is such a beautiful girl! We went to her boyfriends hay fields (he is a hay farmer) and WOW! we had alot of fun, I got some great images! Kaile thanks again, your beautiful and I wish you all the happiness!
Enjoy my dear!
IMG_0316 brown tone
look at those eyes!
IMG_0512 urban
Again, I am a sucker for ariat baby fat boots.. :D
IMG_0559 copy
I have so many favorites, and I am not even close to done editing them!
IMG_2173 copy 2
same shot, different angle.
IMG_2177 urban
Very cool huh!
IMG_0605 copy
She was a natural! A photographers dream!
IMG_0344 urban
Thanks again!
IMG_0781 copy
I absolutly love shooting seniors!
withovekelsea copy

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