Monday, March 30, 2009

Kelsey Miller | Senior 2009

this is kelsey... yes i totally spelt her name with an 'a' at first. I love kelsey, for many reasons. I have known kelsey for many many years. She was alaso one of my little ffa girls. And she actually played a big part into hooking me up with my fiance. I cant believe she is already graduating! Your awesome kels! Enjoy! We started out at my favortie place..

IMG_0403 vintage
so pretty!
IMG_0438 vintage
then we headed out to meet her dairy cow, moolyssa.
she is cute huh! i love cows.
IMG_0608 vintage
i was totally in my element here, i love anything country and rustic. and a dairy farm was so perfect!
IMG_0721 copy 2
love this one!
IMG_0802 copy 2
This is is sooo awesome! look at that large cow in the back, hillarious! It reminds me of the hippo off madagasgar.
IMG_0833 copy
and for old times sake, this is me and kels at national ffa convention in indianapolis almost 3 years ago!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dillion | MHS 2009

Dillions mom called me a few weeks ago to set up a session, and i could hardly wait till Saturday march 21st rolled around!! Mostly because i have never done a senior boy before, it was a nice change. He was a very nice young man, and he is so ready to graduate! He will also be graduating from the fire academy in may too, good job! We had alot of fun and his mom is so sweet!
IMG_0838 copy
he also races quads!
IMG_0886 copy
the infamous orange wall :D
IMG_0783 copy
He did a very good serious face.. well actually right before this picture was taken i said dillion you dont have to smile in all of them if you dont want to, he looks at me and goes, oh my gosh thank you, my mouth hurts! poor guy was already sick of smiling.
then click.
IMG_0751 copy
he had a very nice smile!
IMG_0725 copy 2
love this one!!
IMG_0678 copy 2
thanks agin laurie & dillion for a wonderful saturday afternoon!

Alyssa Kellogg | GHS 2009

This is alyssa, she was also one of my little ffa girls, i cant believe how fast time has gone. We met up on wednesday, first at mesa arts center then we drove over to her goats. She is such a beautiful girl, with such big dreams, GOOD JOB alyssa and may the years to come be even better! Enjoy your pictures!
IMG_0071 copy
look at them eyes!
IMG_0372 copy 2
IMG_0285 copy 2
then out to the goats we went :D
one of my favorites!
IMG_0528 copy vintage
cool, huh! i had to get down and dirty for this one.. im so glad i did!
love love love ariat boots!
IMG_0546 copy vintage
taking a strol with one of her goats!
IMG_0472 copy
her with on eof her goats.. i cant remember this ones name.. its either.. moose or hank.
tkae your pick :P
IMG_0432 copy
thanks alyssa!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

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Rich & Crystal | Engagement session

Remember Ken and Manda? Well meet Kens twin brother rich, andhis amazingly beautiful fiance, Crystal. We met up at one of my favorite locations on saturday evening. I had sooo much fun with them, they kept me laughing the entire time! I hope you guys enjoy your pictures!
IMG_0279 copy 2
gorgeous. added a little texture.
IMG_0362 copy
they are so cute!!
IMG_0320 copy
sexy, huh.
IMG_0359 retro4
love love love railroad tracks!
IMG_0534 copy 3

Blake | 9 months

first, let me warn you that blake is handsome.
second, his smile may make your heart skip a beat
third, his mother is head over heels for him.
fourth, so am I.
I love being a photographer, i know i say that ALOT. but oh well.
We met up on friday to take pictures of blake, but blake had other plans.. SO we re-scheduled for saturday morning.
Here is your handsome son sam, enjoy!
IMG_0034 copy 2
told you so!
IMG_0054 copy
momma's boy :)
IMG_0179 copy 2
i was so happy to finally take pictures of a little boy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tya Lillian | Cousin

this is my PRECIOUS little cousin Tya.
she is a doll, i love her sooo much.
They came down from utah for the week, so of course.. photo op!
love love love allll these!
she was ver much in a deep thought about something.. i jsut wish i knew what
tya is you show me a big big smile, i will give you a really yummy treat!
'teat teat teat!!?'
my parents house makes a GREAT backdrop, who would of thunk?
i have such an amazing family, i dont think they produce any ugly babies... so there is hope for mine. :P

Op Love ReUnited

I am sooo very excited for this wonderful service im now offering. I have been looking for a way to give back to our troops overseas protecting our country. I will forever be in debt to them for keeping me and my loved ones safe.. So this is for all the familes out there with someone serving our great country.
Email me for more information!
I am so grateful for this great opprotunity to give back, and am hoping i can share my talent with those who served the country.