Monday, March 23, 2009

Alyssa Kellogg | GHS 2009

This is alyssa, she was also one of my little ffa girls, i cant believe how fast time has gone. We met up on wednesday, first at mesa arts center then we drove over to her goats. She is such a beautiful girl, with such big dreams, GOOD JOB alyssa and may the years to come be even better! Enjoy your pictures!
IMG_0071 copy
look at them eyes!
IMG_0372 copy 2
IMG_0285 copy 2
then out to the goats we went :D
one of my favorites!
IMG_0528 copy vintage
cool, huh! i had to get down and dirty for this one.. im so glad i did!
love love love ariat boots!
IMG_0546 copy vintage
taking a strol with one of her goats!
IMG_0472 copy
her with on eof her goats.. i cant remember this ones name.. its either.. moose or hank.
tkae your pick :P
IMG_0432 copy
thanks alyssa!!

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