Monday, March 23, 2009

Dillion | MHS 2009

Dillions mom called me a few weeks ago to set up a session, and i could hardly wait till Saturday march 21st rolled around!! Mostly because i have never done a senior boy before, it was a nice change. He was a very nice young man, and he is so ready to graduate! He will also be graduating from the fire academy in may too, good job! We had alot of fun and his mom is so sweet!
IMG_0838 copy
he also races quads!
IMG_0886 copy
the infamous orange wall :D
IMG_0783 copy
He did a very good serious face.. well actually right before this picture was taken i said dillion you dont have to smile in all of them if you dont want to, he looks at me and goes, oh my gosh thank you, my mouth hurts! poor guy was already sick of smiling.
then click.
IMG_0751 copy
he had a very nice smile!
IMG_0725 copy 2
love this one!!
IMG_0678 copy 2
thanks agin laurie & dillion for a wonderful saturday afternoon!

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