Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Allison GHS Senior 09 | Arizona Portrait Photographer

My last 09 senior! She was a little behind, but hey, at least she got them done! Allison found me through her good friend Kayla. Both such beautiful girls, so full of life and so sweet! We met up Saturday and had alot of fun, it was blazing hot. I hate summer. Anyone wanna do a session at 5:30 AM? the lighting is GORGEOUS! :) Allison, Congrats on graduating, keep on smiling that pretty smile of yours! (sorry it took so long for your sneak peek too..)
I loveddd the lighting in all these pictures! They all turned out beautifully!
LOOK AT HER! She is soooo beautiful!
She worked the camera the whole time, doesnt she have pretty hair!
and beautiful eyes!
her lovely best friend came too, i think she was doing a dance or something
My favorite one!


Thanks Allison!
(btw how do you guys like the bigger pics?)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby B | Arizona Portrait Photographer

HE IS FINALLY HERE! I love this little baby, he was such a joy to shoot, this session kinda turned into a mommy and me shoot, which i loved!
IMG_1506 copy
IMG_1485 copy
IMG_2448 copy 2
i think this i smy favorite! I cant believe how cute he is!
IMG_2422 copy
withovekelsea copy

Monday, May 11, 2009

One happy family | Arizona Portrait Photographer

This is my best friends fiances family, there all really cool! We had fun.. but again it was blazing hot!
IMG_1506 copy
I love this picture, I thought it turned out great! He is just hanging out with his dad!
IMG_1521 copy
Grandma and T-bird!
IMG_1535 copy
IMG_1598 copy
withovekelsea copy

GHS prom 2009 | Arizona Portrait Photographer

Prom was this weekend for Gilbert High, a few girls asked me to come take pictures at the high school stadium, i couldnt say no! It was VERY hot and everyone did great, we had to play the quite game a few times, but regardless.. we got some cute pictures for them to cherish for years down the road, thanks girls (and guys)! I hope you enjoyed your very last prom! Enjoy!
IMG_1674 copy
Jaime and her date
IMG_1686 copy
kaile and jace

IMG_1716 copy

this is Sam, Mitchells cousin :)

IMG_1693 copy

the men!

IMG_1725 copy

showin some leg!

IMG_1747 copy

how cute is kelsey! These two wanted a picture of the backs of there dresses.. and this is what kelsey does when i tell them to strike a pose! haha! love it! (not to mention she looks smokin and was throwing up sick the night before, whata trooper!)

IMG_1764 copy

just the girlies!

IMG_1783 copy

just the shoes & toes!

IMG_1798 copy

the whole gang!


Kelsey and derek!

IMG_1849 copy

kayla & her date!

IMG_1945 copy

walking down the track, go tigers!

IMG_1962 copy

Did i mention how much fun I had? I love all these people & can't believe they all are graduating in TWO weeks!

withovekelsea copy

Monday, May 4, 2009

Amanda | Maternity Session

This is Amanda, Reffered to me by the almighty hope! Amanda and her Boyfriend were such nice people, I had so much fun! Not to mention, Amanda looks amazing! We went into florence, and then into anthem for some pictures, We got some great ones. Thanks Amanda and Ryan!
I told you so! She is glowing!
IMG_0288 copy
Beautiful~! I love this one, the love he has for her is amazing.
IMG_0387 copy
This is one of my favorites from the whole session, love it!
IMG_0420 copy
This one is pretty sweet too!
IMG_0623 copy
so happy, this baby girl is gunna be soo loved.
IMG_0601 copy
IMG_0487 copy
Thanks again Amanda & Ryan!
withovekelsea copy

Torrid | High School model search

Saturday went great!! HEre is a couple pictures of our day! Our setup looked awesome, My great friend from Anything but Ordinary Cakes and Cookies really pulled through with her homemade cookies.. (check her out, she rocks!)The workers at torrid are super sweet people, I got alot of business cards out there and am looking forward to the business this will bring! Thanks torrid!
IMG_0119 copy
IMG_0127 copy
Seriously, cutest baby and cutest man! Love this man!
IMG_0163 copy
IMG_0203 copy
Workers at torrid! They are such great people!

Friday, May 1, 2009

T-bird | One Year

This is my best friends baby girl.
you have seen her here before, her momma is my best client!
But seriously, if i had a beautiful little girl like her, i'd pay for pictures alot too!
Happy birthday little t-bird, I LOVE YOU!
YES WE FINALLLLY got her to smile!
IMG_0013 copy
She is such a sweeeet baby. I love her!
look at those little teethers.
IMG_0017 copy
She looks just like her dadda! Just cuter! :P
IMG_0052 copy
thanks hope for being such a great friend to me, and also refering so many of my wonderful clients to me! Your a great person!
withovekelsea copy