Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nelson Family - Support Cause' I Tri | Mesa Arizona Family Photographer

First off, I could write pages and pages about this wonderful family.. but im going to try to keep it short and sweet.. This family is amazing, and stand for everything that is great. They have a beautiful daugher Brinley, who this is all about.. I received a call from my older brother one day telling me to check my email - he had forwarded me an email from a coworker of his -Kai. This was the e-mail:

'My name is Kai Nelson and yes you may not know who I am but all I ask of you is to hear my story.

This organized fundraiser is the result of two wonderful girls in my life and about my love for them. In the winter of 2008 my little two person family brought into this world a precious spirit named Brinley (girl #1). Do to some events at the time of birth she spent the first couple of weeks of her life in the NICU. But after constant monitoring and several loving doctor's care, she was finally released to go home with me and my beautiful bride (girl #2). Brinley had improved to good health and appeared to be life’s normal little child. My wife and I just loved having her home and enjoyed every moment we had with her. By her two month doctor visit our doctor shared with us his concern of her delayed head growth. Several checkups and a CAT scan later we found out that Brinley had severe Brain Damage. I remember being so scared of what that meant. I knew this was going to change so many dreams and hopes I have had for my precious girl. Worry and wonder was definitely in mine and my wives hearts. But with what little hope we had we knew it would all turn out okay. Brin is now 1 ½ years old; she still cannot walk, crawl, sit up, eat properly, hold anything, or even take care of herself. But, through it all my wife and I have learned that she is still the pride of our lives. She recently has learned to smile and is finding so much joy in her little life, which in turn has elevated so much love between us as a family. Her weakness, I know, has brought strength to our little family that is immeasurable and we could not be any more grateful for her in our lives.

My beautiful bride has been the super champ of this story. Between work and school I am away from home majority of the day. My wife has taken it upon herself to drop all she had done and take care of Brinley’s now ever-growing needs. I am so thankful for the blessing of such a wonderful spouse. She is more then just a mom in mine and Brinley’s eyes. She is a Supermom. On a weekly basis Brinley has at least one doctor’s appointment to be at, three different therapy sessions to attend, and needs a daily therapy session at home. With me gone, my wonderful wife steps to the plate and has these completed to exactness. I love her and am extremely grateful that someone so wonderful is in my life.

Recently I had been feeling down for not being near as great. I was concerned over the fact of what little I was actually doing for Brinley. One early morning while biking, these thoughts were flying through my head, 'what was there that I could do more?' 'I have no special talent in order to be the hero.' 'What could I do?' This is when the inspiration came into my mind. There is something I know I can do, I can Try! That is all it takes to be anything, just stand up and try. My brother had recently called me and asked me to participate with him in an upcoming triathlon in Casa Grande. I had already agreed and saw this as my opportunity to TRI.

As part of my Tri I am doing a little more. I am asking everyone to support me on this race by donating $10 or $20 to a wonderful organization Brinley attends,
Foundation for Blind Children (FBC). This nonprofit organization has provided Brin with Physical and Occupational therapy for more then a year now. They have done so much for Brinley and helped my heart more then I ever dreamt would be accomplishable. They deserve more than I can give, but what little I can do, I hope represents how much I care for what they do. You can donate by check and send it to the address below or donate directly to FBC safely online through PayPal by selecting the donate button on the top of the page.

All I am asking from you is to donate to this wonderful organization ‘Cause I TRI!

Kai Nelson- A “Tri”er '

So, what was I to do? I wanted to do something so specail for them, So without further a-do here are their family pictures!!

They were the nicest people, and I loved taking their pictures.

I loooove this one!!


oh and this one, I have soooo many favorites!


Kai, Clarissa & Brinley thank you sooo much for being such great examples to so many! You two are wonderful parents!

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