Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ken and Amanda | Couple Session

Well, this is my best friend Mandy and the love of her life, Ken. Ken has been in IRAQ for many years on and off, thank you ken!!! But he is home now and I am so thankful for the time he served to protect this great nation.. a while back i did a session for mandy.. so she could send Ken pictures in a care package, that session went very well :) Mandy moved to georgia to be with Ken and there back for the Holidays.. so what better time to do couple pictures then the holiday season ?
We had a blast, we alll laughed so hard the entire time. Not only that.. but the pictures turned out great! Enjoy you two! & happy birthday to Mandy, today!
never leave my side.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tatum Family | Fall big family session

I have been loooking forward to this session since we booked it 3 weeks ago :) I was kinds scared at first, the whole 18 or something poeple, it being the largest group of people i have had to shoot, but i loved it! it was soo fun! The tatum Family is so full of life, and are so dang funny.. they could start up a comedy club. They had me rolling the whole time. We got lots of great pictures, so tatum family enjoy!!
The whole gang!
SimplyYouPhotography-0026 copy
The grandkids
SimplyYouPhotography-0007 copy
The men
SimplyYouPhotography-0041 copy
one of the baby mommas :) haha
SimplyYouPhotography-0112 copy
The ladies :)
SimplyYouPhotography-0122 copy

SimplyYouPhotography-0203 copy

Kisses for her uncle

SimplyYouPhotography-0238 copy

This sweet little girl just loves her grand-daddy to pieces :)

SimplyYouPhotography-0247 copy

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Egan Family | Fall Session

boy o boy. We finally got this session DONE!! I had them booked for the middle of september, and either someone was sick, or something major came up and we had to cancel.. so finally we got it done! I'm so happy, i had so much fun. I love the Egans! Not only are they great friends of mine, but there so fun to photograph. Big Papa Sean is a freakin amazing photographer himself :) We will hopefully be tag teaming some weddings next spring/fall. I hope you guys la la la love them as much as me.. i love you guys!
SimplyYouPhotography-0615 copy
SimplyYouPhotography-0632 copy
SimplyYouPhotography-0646 copy
SimplyYouPhotography-0624 copy
SimplyYouPhotography-0532 copy