Monday, March 30, 2009

Kelsey Miller | Senior 2009

this is kelsey... yes i totally spelt her name with an 'a' at first. I love kelsey, for many reasons. I have known kelsey for many many years. She was alaso one of my little ffa girls. And she actually played a big part into hooking me up with my fiance. I cant believe she is already graduating! Your awesome kels! Enjoy! We started out at my favortie place..

IMG_0403 vintage
so pretty!
IMG_0438 vintage
then we headed out to meet her dairy cow, moolyssa.
she is cute huh! i love cows.
IMG_0608 vintage
i was totally in my element here, i love anything country and rustic. and a dairy farm was so perfect!
IMG_0721 copy 2
love this one!
IMG_0802 copy 2
This is is sooo awesome! look at that large cow in the back, hillarious! It reminds me of the hippo off madagasgar.
IMG_0833 copy
and for old times sake, this is me and kels at national ffa convention in indianapolis almost 3 years ago!

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