Saturday, April 11, 2009

The 'A' Family | Mesa Arizona Temple

This family rocks, I love them dearly. We had set a date for pictures about 3 weeks ago, and as we were driving to the temple it hit me that the Easter pageant was going on~! I was afraid it was going to be very busy, but it wasn't that bad :) I love all these pictures, because it shows every persons personality.. and not to mention... this family is one good looking bunch! I am kinda biased though. Dad was a trooper, and he kept everyone laughing. I hope you love your pictures as much as me mama a.
IMG_2389 copy
Seriously, I love this one.
IMG_1359 copy
oh yeah, and this one too. Beautiful family huh!
IMG_1145 copy
So precious! little g.
IMG_1248 vintage
little s.
IMG_1044 copy 2
little a.
IMG_0992 copy
little t.
IMG_1019 copy
they love there little sister so much! so do I!
IMG_1069 copy 2
thank you!
withovekelsea copy

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  1. This family is just beautiful. They're so photogenic and a joy to be around. You did an amazing job at capturing the love that they have for one another.