Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kayla | Senior 2009

We meet monday afternoon to get some senior pictures of this beautiful girl.. I knew who she was, but had never met her. She was in FFA too.. FFA rocks... anyways back to beautiful senior girl. I was sooo excited to shoot another senior, I love seniors! Kayla enjoy your pictures, beacuse I know I am :) Here is a littttle sneak peak for you!
Kayla wants to be a pediatriction.. cool huh!

IMG_0030 copy
I have sooooo many favorites!
IMG_0301 copy
they are going to have a hard time picking which ones to send out!
IMG_0319 copy
this one i think is my allllll time fav. it looks great in black and white too!
IMG_0415 copy
can you believe this girl never had braces, caaa-raaazy!
IMG_0160 copy
thanks again kayla and mom, you guys rock! Kayla good luck with graduation and your future plans!
withovekelsea copy

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