Sunday, November 30, 2008

Johnson Family | Fall Session

What a great, beautiful family! They were soooo fun, and were so easy to photograph, which made my job, soo easy! We have been planning on pictures forever, so im sooo glad we finally got to do them, and they turned out amazing!! Enjoy!
This girl can hold a smile for hours.. seriously.. and she just worked the camera the entire time!
Princess P.
Isnt her just the sweetest little thing? HE jsut sat there the whole time.. no crying, or fussing. Now thats what i love!
Handsome little man
Seriously, I love this one!
fathers love

Families are forever.. I absolutly adore this picture.
family - a journey to forever.
This is a family of strength and love.
There are so many cute ones.. but i had to control myself :)

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