Friday, June 5, 2009

Erin & Sean | Arizona Portriat Photographer

Erin is my cousin, and im SOOO lucky. She is going to be such a great mother, I am so happy for her and her husband sean. You are going to be seeing some changes around my blog soon (logo, design etc..) and it will all be done by Erin who owns Edub. She is so creative and rocks at what she does! Check her out! They drove down all the way from yuma for pictures, it made me feel special :P
Erin & Sean enjoy your pictures!
IMG_0195 copy
This one is my favorite, it makes me sooo happy!
IMG_0287 copy
IMG_0302 copy
Lovely huh!
thanks again!

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  1. Kelsea, I LOVE them! I'm actually really surprised at how big my belly is...ha ha :) Thank you sooo much!